Perniles, cob and potato with more color… Paola Jara showed her new attempt at chicken sweat

The singer became a trend in the past for a recipe that she prepared for Jessi Uribe.

Paola Jara became a trend on Twitter and social networks during 2020, after images of a recipe that she prepared for Jessi Uribe. Although the couple shared this content as a loving gesture, users of digital platforms placed it at the center of ridicule and memes, criticizing the way in which the celebrity presented the dish.

Time after what the topic raised, the popular music singer decided to take revenge and upload a new recipe for the same dish, comparing how it had turned out with the previous one. The Colombian made public the preparation she carries out of this chicken sweat, to which she imprinted her flavors and personal touches.

However, for the second time, the artist and the typical Colombian dish were commented on and criticized by the curious, who revived words used in 2020 to refer to the subject. in a story He captured how his new recipe turned out and left a link so that those who want to learn how to make this sweat, follow the preparation to the letter.

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If you want to learn my recipe for chicken sweat”, wrote the celebrity in a post, where he showed a photo of the final result of his food.

The ‘Rechismes’ account uploaded an image with two photos, reflecting Jara’s new preparation, asking the viewers how the dish seemed to them. Many they mocked, criticized and commented, emphasizing the appearance.

“Better keep singing”, “But not even because he tries, that looks like guatita with peanut sauce”, “Well, it’s not so pale anymore”, “The cob is but for sancocho”, “It already has a little color”, “The presentation of the avocado does not help”, “She did not do that”, “She does not provoke or try it with that presentation”, “Jessi already taught Sandrita the recipe”, “It looks just as tasteless”, among other comments.

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