Personería helped 51 migrants to legalize their situation in Bogotá

During the last two years, more than 30 thousand foreigners who received different aids have been cared for by this.

In the company of the UN Refugee Agency, the Bogotá Ombudsman carried out a day of attention to migrants with the purpose of help them to regularize their situation and allow them to start the process to obtain the Temporary Protection Statute.

“We attended 100% of migrants, refugees and returnees who required help, we highlight the 51 assistances that were carried out for the pre-registration to obtain the Protection Statute, Those people who did not have the complete documents were given guidance for the constitution of the summary evidence, ”explained Ricardo Medina, human rights delegate from the Personería.

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Among the documents that are required to be able to carry out the process with each person are: The summary evidence, a photocopy of the identity document and a 3 by 4 photo on a white background.

“This is a very good thing, since we do not have facilities to get a job or access other benefits that we do if we have all our documentation up to date, so I decided to come and I have already started the process”, Neylu Nava said one of the foreign beneficiaries.

On the recent conference that was given at the District Administrative Center on 26th Street, The Ombudsman highlighted that in several localities counseling is also provided so that Venezuelan citizens can carry out these procedures and thus seek work and improve their living conditions.

“I came to Bogotá two years ago, I have not been able to work but the District helped me with many benefits at this time to me and my children, now that I overcame that difficult situation I was able to start this paperwork to look for a job opportunity, “said another of the foreigners.

In the last two years the District has provided guidance to 30,355 foreigners, population mainly from Venezuela.

“The town with the highest percentage of requests in the analyzed period was Barrios Unidos (12.5%), followed by Suba (9.3%), Bosa (8%), Kennedy (7.8%). Likewise, the social emergency services and humanitarian aid (603) and legal guidance (187) are the most requested requirements, ”says the Attorney General, who clarified that the working hours will be maintained..

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