Peter Pongratz: Ex-wife Edith died at the age of 70

Peter Pongratz (74) was married to his second wife Edith for 17 years. Now at the age of 70 she has lost the battle against cancer.

Edith Pongratz dies of cancer: burial in Austria

“We adored each other very much, right up to the end. It hurts me immensely that Edith had to suffer and leave so early,” said the 74-year-old “Image”. Pongratz has a daughter, Verena (39), with the long-time landlady of the Grünwalder Einkehr. Edith Pongratz is buried in the family grave in Kapfenberg (Austria).

For Peter Pongratz the current year has been “terrible”. He too “narrowly escaped death”. He was in the intensive care unit several months after kidney failure. After a cancer operation, he even had to be put into an artificial coma after complications.

Irma Pongratz is dead: “It’s a nightmare that mom is no longer alive”


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In August, Peter Pongratz had to cope with a severe blow of fate. Mother Irma died of a cerebral haemorrhage at the age of 93 after a dramatic fall down a staircase.