“Please, don’t sell the Chinese”: Claudia López also makes fun of memes

The mayor of Bogotá took with humor one of the memes that were taken from her for saying that if taxes were expensive, she would sell the car.

The mayor of Bogotá, Claudia lopez, referred to the controversy generated by the phrase about selling the car, if a lot of taxes were paid in Bogotá, in the midst of his defense of the changes in the pick and plate, measure that It came into effect on Tuesday, January 11, with a restriction from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.

“The taxes are for having a car, I invite you to sell it. Use a bicycle, use public transportation, or share it. There is no right, it is not rational, thatThat 20% of Bogota citizens congest, block, contaminate and make 100% of the citizens sick, “said the local president at the time.

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López’s statements overflowed the imagination of the Bogota citizens, who They did not stop creating memes and making it a trend on Twitter. So much so, that the mayor herself returned and spoke by retweeting one of the memes.

“I know that ‘selling the car’ was a very unfortunate phrase. We are going on the second day of peak and plate with good results in speed and mobility”Lopez wrote.

He also thanked the citizens of the capital “for trusting in the measure” and indicated that the path was “shared mobility.” But perhaps what made more than one smile was the phrase with which he closed his trill and the image with which he accompanied him; “Please share the car and don’t sell the Chinese.”


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