Police ask the shameless taxi driver who ran over the ‘guaguau’ to surrender

The owners of the dog confirmed his death and assured that they have had no response from the taxi company where the driver works.

On November 21, a citizen complaint gave notice about the case of a soulless taxi driver who ran over and ran over a dog on the Kennedy town. In a recording of security cameras From the area, the moment and how the event occurred was recorded.

In the images it is clearly seen how the driver of a public service vehicle He was able to avoid running over the canine, however he passed his car over the animal and also continued his journey as if nothing had happened, until he disappeared from the place.

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In a pronouncement, the commander of the Metropolitan Police of Bogotá, General Eliécer Camacho, spoke about the case that occurred south of Bogotá and assured that the Environment Unit together with National Police, in coordination with the Prosecutor’s office They took over the investigation of the disgusting case.

Finally, the General makes the invitation so that the citizen who was driving the vehicle surrenders and responds for the events that caused great outrage on social networks.


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