Police were looking for stolen motorcycle and found four more in a house in Bosa

Thanks to the GPS satellite system of the stolen car, it was possible to locate the other ‘lying’ in a house in the Los Laureles neighborhood.

A motorcycle with a GPS satellite system, which thieves they had been stolen in the Suba town, In the northwestern part of the country’s capital, she was found minutes later inside a house in Bosa along with four other robberies.

Major Diego Urrea, commander of the station police in the area seventh of Bogotá said in the La Cariñosa station 610 AM how soon stole the two-wheeled transport element, the hopeless ‘sparkle’ activated the Electronic device, and threw the coordinates in a residence of the Los Laureles neighborhood.

After contacting patrol cars From Bosa, the robber and the uniformed men arrived at that dwelling, where they entered and not only found the cylinder ‘lying down’, but also four more, stolen in the north of the capital.


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