Politicians in campaign must comply with environmental advertising regulations in Bogotá

Next week a decree will be issued to comply with the parameters authorized by the CNE.

The Secretary of the Environment of Bogotá made this Monday a call to those who use electoral outdoor advertising such as billboards, parades, banners, billboards, mogators, balloons and notices, among others, to comply with environmental guidelines.

For example, it is forbidden to install outdoor advertising elements in environmental management and preservation areas, trails, nature reserves, embassies, buildings or headquarters of public entities, public space, historical areas, among others.

“Now that the electoral processes are beginning in the city, it is convenient to remind political parties and candidates that they have to comply with the norms established by the National Electoral Council (CNE) and that in the next few days we will be issuing the decree, in force in Bogotá, to determine the number of elements that each candidate can use “, said the Secretary of Environment, Carolina Urrutia.

The banners and parades are only authorized to be used with cultural, sporting and civic activities, while the murals will be able to be installed solely with artistic content; posters are in no way authorized.

Once the Secretary of the Environment grants the respective registration for banners and parades, these elements must have the respective authorization of the local mayor’s office where they are going to be used, each advertisement that is not duly registered, it will be removed taking into account the respective fines and penalties that entail it.

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All citizens who need to use any element of outdoor advertising that work or hire this type of service, must consult the requirements and register with the environmental authority through the following link: http://ambientebogota.gov.co/es/web/sda/formatos-para-tramites-ante-la-sda

In the same way, those who wish to carry out the procedure online can advance it in http://www.secretariadeambiente.gov.co/ventanillavirtual/appThey will also be able to file the documents in the CADE and SuperCADE that are in different parts of the city.

People can report the different cases of visual contamination through the Single Line of Emergencies 123 or by mail [email protected] of the Ministry of the Environment.

Visual outdoor advertising at electoral time must comply with the guidelines of the National Electoral Council and Decree 959 of 2000; on the contrary, not complying with them entails fines and sanctions as established by Law 1333 of 2009.


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