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Dubai: Mohamed Hamdi Shaker

Director Yasser Al-Yasiri, in cooperation with the star Mansour Al-Faili and the Dubai National Theater, is working on selecting a new series crew called “Popular Legends”, which is scheduled to be released on one of the electronic platforms, and Al-Yasiri actually began conducting many interviews on the Dubai theater with a group of young men and girls, to choose crew.

Al-Yasiri said: “The work is produced by the Star Shape Art Production Company. Seven separate episodes talk about legends and myths in the Arab world, which were told to us in the old days, but we will present them in a new dress on the screen, and we tried as much as possible to use a number of authors and directors from the Gulf countries and Egypt. To show it work properly.

Al-Yasiri added: “I am supervising the directive and production process, and we have already started doing tests for a group of young men and women headed by Yasser Al Gergawi; As we are looking for young talents to present them in this work, as for the shooting dates, they will be within the next three weeks after the staff is fully completed, and the show will be shown on the “STARZPLAY” electronic platform.

In turn, Yasser Al Gergawi, Chairman of Dubai National Theatre, said: “We have many talents in the country, whether from Emiratis, Gulf nationals or Arabs in general, and therefore the Dubai National Theater was the perfect place to choose these talents, and we had announced a while ago about age groups for testing. Indeed, many young men and women came to be tested.”

Al Gergawi explained: “I agreed with artist Mansour Al-Faili and director Yasser Al-Yasiri that priority should be given to trainees and participants in theater courses; We are working on training them a lot, and there are creative energies that will come out of the theater to participate in dramatic and cinematic works at the level of the Gulf countries and the Arab world.”


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