POT of Bogotá: four councilors of the Green party play him ugly and reject him

In the middle of the vote for the POT, councilors from the Alianza Verde party showed their disagreement with the Banking Law.

This Tuesday, November 9, Council Plan Commission He called a session to discuss and start voting on the 608 articles of the new Land Use Plan (POT).

In the middle of the meeting between the different parties to start the debate, the councilors Lucía Bastidas, Diego Cancino, Martín Rivera and Luis Carlos Leal of the Alianza Verde party, announced their opposition and rejection of the POT from Claudia Lopez, arguing questions to the initiative.

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As a symbolic act, the four councilors walked through the premises with a withered sunflower in their hands, describing as “dictatorship of the green bench” the law of benches that the ruling party would apply to approve the articles.

“They do not know that the history of Green party It is about respect for difference, it is about plurality, it is about building democracy, “Bastidas said in this regard through his social networks. In turn, the councilor has expressed dissatisfaction with the dismissal of the construction of the ALO Norte in this project.