Priest left the habits after falling in love with his ‘diabolical’ girlfriend

The bishop who was known for his fight against abortion and homosexuality, gave his yes to the woman who is dedicated to writing about eroticism

Xavier Novell was on the lips of the entire Catholic community after last August he announced his retirement as bishop after omake his relationship with Sílvia Caballol official, a psychologist who has been questioned, for her writings on the relationships between Satanism and eroticism.

However, the couple ignored all criticism, and immediately began to live together. The dioceses of chaplain was not agree to Novell’s decision to leave the religious community, to seek love in what they called a ‘devilish’ woman for her ‘satanic’ writings.

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However, what has attracted the most attention about this matter is that after 3 months of making their engagement official, the couple linked in civil marriage.

It should be remembered that Xavier cannot be married in the church, until obtaining the dispensation for ecclesiastical positions that the Vatican must grant, despite the fact that had the acceptance of Pope Francis, to whom he justified that his retirement was due to personal causes.

What is contradictory in this case is that the priest was recognized in the Spanish community, for battling ‘demons’, because practiced exorcisms as one of its specialties. In addition to stood up against abortion and homosexuality, what many have cataloged as a complete inconsistency in their religious principles for having dabbled with a woman of opposite thoughts.

Meanwhile, Caballol is known to be a divorced woman who has three children, and has a degree in psychology, where he would later make his foray into literature writing about eroticism and satanism combining both themes to attract more readers.

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The images that were captured by the Spanish program TV3, they show how this couple looks completely happy, a fact that has caused all kinds of comments on social networks by Internet users.

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