Prince Harry Spotted Riding His Bike At Malibu Beach

Prince Harry was seen enjoying his post-Royal life while biking along with the shores of Malibu! HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVE details!

After leaving the royal lifestyle behind him to move to the United States with his wife, Meghan Markle, 38, and their son Archie, Harry, 35, seems to be turning into a Malibu surfer boy!

“Harry was biking at Surfrider Beach, aka First Point, where you see the surfers arrive in. He was alone, had a white biking outfit with red and black, and was wearing a helmet,” the eyewitness told, EXCLUSIVELY. “It seemed he was going to surf because he stopped to check out the waves. Harry appears to be appreciating the post-royal lifestyle and being a normal Cali dude!”

The insider added passerbys for his hair was entirely on his own and recognized Harry, that. “He looked totally at ease and ordinary,” they stated. Only days before, Meghan and Harry rolled up their sleeves to share in some local charity in their new place!

The prior Duke and Duchess of Sussex offered at Homeboy Industries on June 23 and happily posed for photos with the staff throughout their exciting trip. The L.A. based social justice organization began in 1988 and aimed at enhancing the lifestyles of previously incarcerated and previously gang-involved men and women, and Harry and Meghan both helped in the café and bakery throughout their time there.

The few have been keeping a low profile because of their transfer to the States. Still, Meghan did speak out at a Commencement speech at her alma mater concerning the continuing unrest surrounding the murder of George Floyd in early June. Meghan confessed she believed the nation of America had been”catastrophic” right now. She expressed her sympathy for the fact and the seniors they have to witness racial injustice to this day. She finished the video message by saying her belief from the students and encouraging words that assured them they could make the world a better place in the future.