Prince Harry’s grumpy attitude during his Australian tour shocked journalists: “He was glaring at us”

In the explosive documentary aired on the BBC Monday evening recounting the tensions between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William, a journalist reflects on Prince Harry’s astonishing attitude during his Australian tour in October 2018, that is to say 5 months after his marriage .

Times royal correspondent Valentine Low, who was following the official visit, reveals tensions were high between Harry and the press as very few negative articles appeared at the time about the couple and the press were in love of this new glamorous couple: “Harry had been quite cranky on this tour.”

Valentine Low remembers Prince Harry being very rude to reporters on a plane. “There was a long and incredibly boring welcoming ceremony in Fiji. And it was very interesting to watch them both, because Meghan was sitting absolutely perfectly on a small throne, while Prince Harry blasted the press of the look “.

“He was angry with the media, and he spent the whole welcoming ceremony glaring at us.”

Days later on the same mission, the Mirror reports that Prince Harry was persuaded to speak to members of the media who were on the plane.

According to a source, the prince said: “Thanks so much for coming guys … Not that you were invited.”