Princess Charlene of Monaco “almost died in South Africa”, according to an American media

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Princess Charlene of Monaco “almost died” in South Africa after undergoing multiple surgeries and losing a worrying amount of weight, sources told US media at Page Six.

The site adds that the princess’s friends fear the Monaco royal family will downplay the seriousness of her condition, after Prince Albert gave an interview last week, claiming she had received a cure upon her return to the principality. .

It is unfair that she is presented as having some kind of mental or emotional problem “, said a source. “We don’t know why the palace downplays the fact that she almost died in South Africa“.

The source clarified that Princess Charlene, 43, suffered from a severe ear, nose and throat infection, which resulted in “severe sinus and swallowing problems that date back to a previous operation“.

She has not been able to eat solid food for over six months due to all the operations she has had since.“, said the source.”She was only able to ingest fluids with a straw, so she lost almost half of her weight“.

According to our source, Princess Charlene “definitely does not lose his mind or suffer from serious mental health issues.”

She is exhausted from six months of surgeries and an inability to eat properly as a result“, said the source.”And she missed her children and her husband desperately while she was stranded in South Africa, because she couldn’t return home.