Princess Mako of Japan already leads a normal life in New York –

Princess Mako of Japan with her husband

The daughter of the crown prince of Japan was seen shopping in a super …

Princess Mako of Japan has already started her new life in New York, in the United States, after marrying the commoner Kei Komuro, her boyfriend since college.

By marrying Kei, she renounced her royal status, since according to Japanese law, female members of the imperial family lose their position if they marry a “commoner,” although that rule does not apply to male members.

The 30-year-old woman, daughter of Fumihito de Akishino, crown prince of Japan, brother of Emperor Naruhito, was seen shopping at a supermarket in the city, completely oblivious to the paparazzi who surprised her.

In a press conference that the couple gave on the same day as the wedding, Mako apologized “for any inconvenience” that their marriage may have caused and thanked those who continue to support them.

She explained, “For me, Kei is irreplaceable. Marriage was a necessary option for us ”.

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