‘Prominently separated’: Jenny Elvers and Alex Jolig as candidates

More and more details about the cast of “Prominent Separated” are known. Jenny Elvers is also a candidate for the new RTL show, in which eight former celebrity couples compete. At her side: Ex Alex Jolig. AZ learned this from production circles. RTL confirmed participation on request.

“Prominently separated”: These stars are part of the new TV show

Actress Jenny Elvers and Alex Jolig had a brief affair after participating in the first German “Big Brother” season. Their son Paul (* 2001) emerged from the liaison.

Carina Spack and Serkan Yavuz are participants

Carina Spack and Serkan Yavuz also dare to return to reality TV as a duo. The former “Bachelor” candidate and the “Bachelorette” candidate were a couple after the final of “Bachelor in Paradise”, but separated again a year later in autumn 2020. Since then, their relationship has been considered difficult.

Doreen Dietel and ex-boyfriend Patrick on “Prominent Separated”

As the AZ reported exclusively, actress and restaurateur Doreen Dietel also competes in “Prominent Separately”. She forms a duo with ex Patrick, a childhood sweetheart. Dietel is considered the perfect cast for such a celebrity format. She is considered authentic and impulsive. She had already proven that in the jungle camp in 2019.

Candidate for “Prominent Separated”: Doreen Dietel meets ex on TV show


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The concept of “prominently separated”

The RTL show will be added to the program on February 22nd. The concept promises pure trash entertainment. The ex-couples have to overcome old rifts in order to be successful together. Only as a team are the chances of victory – and 100,000 euros.

So far there are no participants in the RTL show "Prominently separated" known.

New show “Prominent Separated”: Eight ex-couples live under one roof


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A total of eight prominent ex-couples will move into a villa. Then it is also important to come to terms with the past. Is there still jealousy and discord? Who was to blame for the end of the relationship? What else do the ex-partners have to say to each other? Everything will be on the table, RTL promises in advance. But old feelings can also come back – including a love comeback.

But in the end it is not the viewers who decide on the best ex-duo, but the prominent roommates. “Prominent Separately” was produced as early as the end of 2021.


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