Prosecutor seized Mauricio Leal’s hairdresser

The procedure is carried out in the midst of an investigation for alleged money laundering.

On this Friday night, the Attorney General’s Office advances the seizure of the barbershop of the late stylist Mauricio Leal for the purpose of asset forfeiture.

The procedure is carried out in the midst of an investigation into an alleged asset laundering.

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The judicial process began with the murder of Leal and her mother, Marleny Hernández, inside their house in an exclusive area of ​​La Calera, on the outskirts of Bogotá.

The CTI carried out the inspection of the corpses and the collection of all the material evidence to clarify the facts.

However, in the middle of the whole process, the authorities detected indications of movements of money that would not be justified and that would have been done through the stylist’s salon.

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Thus, an investigation is carried out by a alleged money laundering and illicit enrichment, finding no support for money movements.

It should be remembered that the loyal’s death shocked the personalities of national entertainment, since he was a widely recognized stylist who during his career attended presenters, models, beauty queens, soccer players and other figures from public life.

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