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Cairo: Ahmed El Roby
Rania Mansour is a young Egyptian artist who has reintroduced herself in a different way in the past three years, through several works that she presented, in which she received great praise from critics and the public, the last of which was the series “Al Sayeda Zainab”, in which she presented the role of a popular girl in a different way, and she won The work impressed the Egyptian public.
Mansour confirms that her role in “Al-Sayeda Zainab Neighborhood” was one of the works that challenged herself in it, because it is completely different from her, stressing that the role of the popular girl that she presented was very fond of him, and he stuck to her for a while after completing the filming of the work, explaining that each role she presents It is the first for her, which increases her enjoyment of acting, more details in the following dialogue.
How were the reactions about your role in the series “Hayy Al-Sayeda Zainab”?
Praise be to God, the reactions were different. The role was different, and the character was very strange, and her actions and movements were different from any character she presented in the past, and this made the audience interact with the character greatly, and I was happy that the audience accepted her and his cheerful responses always. In the beginning, the preparations were made with the author and director so that we could put our hands on the general features of the character, and then I needed some time to practice the character’s style of speaking, because the way she spoke was private and far from my style and my way, and thank God I reached the details that made the character realistic.
Do you like social work that talks about popular neighborhoods?
– Of course, I love presenting drama and real-life works, but I do not limit myself to a specific type of work or a particular drama. I love renewal and diversity. I love different works and dramas. I do not like to repeat myself at all; I tend to diversify in my roles, and I always show the audience surprisingly.
What is the reason for your apology for the story “The Trace remains” within the tales of the series “Except I”?
– I had already started shooting another work, and it was difficult to reconcile the dates of filming the two works; So I had to apologize for this action.
Do you focus more on the choice and quality of your roles?
– I always try to make my choices different, and not repetitive, and I seek to present difficult and far from me roles, because it makes me discover new things in myself, on the one hand, and on the other hand, it makes me very happy with what I offer, for the real artist is the one who is able to present various roles.
Is this selection any reason for your lack of work lately?
– Indeed, I try to focus on the quality of the roles, and to make a greater effort in each role I present to appear well, not to mention my attempt not to repeat myself, which affects my presence, but this makes the roles I present diverse, and technically good, so it does not matter the quantity.
What about your role in “Light Black”?
– The work as a whole was different, both from behind the scenes of filming it, which was difficult, as it was at the beginning of “Corona”, after which the explosion of the port of Beirut occurred, and the work was filming in Lebanon, in addition to the nature of the role and its difficulty, and I consider it one of the most important roles that I presented, and even the audience He loved the character and I got huge acclaim for the work.
How do you improve your performance?
– From each work to another, the artist acquires greater experiences, which make him develop and deal with roles in a more professional manner. When talent is weighed down by experience, it is reflected in the performance of the actor, in addition to the fact that I watch my work and criticize myself sharply, and I always learn from my mistakes, so that I do not fall into the same mistakes more. than once.
What works closest to your heart?
– The truth is that in every role I enjoy it very much, and I love the character that I embody. My role in “Al-Sayeda Zainab Neighborhood” I loved very much, and in “Light Black,” “I am famous, I am the traitor,” and my role is in “The Jewish Quarter.” Every role I play I deal With him as the first time I act.
Are you planning for your future?
– I always try to plan my future steps, but there are measures from God that you find that distance something from you and bring you closer to another, and there is wisdom from God, and it appears with time; So I seek and plan for the future, but it is God’s ordinances that ultimately get everything going.


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