Rascals disguised as policemen were captured after a shooting in the center of Bogotá

The events were recorded on Calle 6 with Carrera 38 near the popular San Andresito.

A shooting occurred on 6th Street with 38th Street, after a criminal group stole several cell phones and cash from several people who were lining up at a department store, located on 30th Street with 10th Street, to take advantage of purchases of the second day without VAT.

According to the authorities, three criminals, posing as uniformed members of the National Police, Several people were approached in this place, indicating that a robbery had just been presented in the sector and that he was checking the background and that they were not involved in that crime.

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The people who were in line gave IDs and cell phones to the alleged agents, and they immediately undertook the flight in a private vehicle taking highway 30 to the south and then sixth street to the west.


As these people fled the scene, they violently collided with a private vehicle and one of the license plates of the car, which was modified, remained at the site. All affected people alerted the authorities.

The Traffic and Transportation Police had a checkpoint located near San Andresito de la 38, and upon being alerted, they enlisted the operation to stop the vehicle and capture these subjects.

At that moment, the exchange of shots was presented, between the criminals and Police units, that resulted in the capture of three people and the seizure of a firearm, six cell phones and cash. The event did not leave people injured.

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Sources consulted by RCN Radio indicated that at the time of capture, the subjects tried to bribe the authorities to release them.

The Police carry out the pertinent investigations to try to determine if more people were part of this organization.


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