Rascals robbed a bar in Puente Aranda and even made one of the victims undress

The impressive assault on a commercial establishment in Puente Aranda was recorded on video.

Insecurity will not stop in 2022 and Aranda s Bridgestill being one of the most affected localities for theft, a crime that increased significantly in the last months of last year.

This time, security cameras recorded the moment in which a gang of assailants broke into a commercial establishment located in the neighborhood The Yasmin, where with a shotgun in hand, one of the thieves intimidated the people who were in the place, in order to take their belongings.

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In the images you can see how the people were subjected to the ground, while the other members of the criminal gang guarded the entrances of the place with knives to avoid being discovered, in addition to preventing someone from fleeing the place. One of the victims was even forced to Undress, while their valuables were stolen.

Finally, the assailants escaped of the place achieving their mission and even tried to take a motorcycle that was outside the establishment, although they were unsuccessful.

So far no arrests have been reported for the events. Nevertheless, Inhabitants of the sector have set off alarms due to the growing insecurity of which they have been victims.

Video: Massive assault on a bar in Puente Aranda, Bogotá


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