Rashel Díaz returns to Telemundo in Suelta la Sopa

Rashel Díaz was one of the most important faces of Telemundo for many years, but in August of last year he surprised by saying goodbye to his privileged place.

More than a year later, the renowned Cuban host and actress appeared again on the screen of the prestigious American network, but this time in another role.

Díaz was the special guest of “Suelta la Sopa”, where she gave an extensive interview with her mother for the section “If your mother says it.” Both showed how well they get along and what a great team they have formed in life. “I’m still her child,” Diaz said of how her mother views her.

The driver Jorge Bernal recognized his affection for his colleague and said: “Rashel, I love you, I adore you, I miss you.”

Rashel’s “return” to the Telemundo screen did not go unnoticed on social networks and there he received hundreds of positive comments, among them one of the most repeated was “how good to see her again.”

Many also believed that it was a mistake of the company to have taken it off the air, however, everything seems to indicate that there are no grudges and that the door is still open from both sides.