Rebel on Netflix: Will there be a new season? Cast responds

This Sunday, January 9, the main cast of the first season of “Rebelde”, gathered in a digital event to celebrate the premiere of the series, share their experiences on set, unpublished materials and receive very special guests.

Under the leadership of “La Divaza”, the protagonists Franco Masini, Lizeth Selene, Alejandro Puente, Giovanna Grigio, Jerónimo Cantillo, Azul Guaita, Sergio Mayer Mori and Andrea Chaparro answered various social media comments and questions from some lucky ones fans who were also part of the event.

After the nice participation of Rojstar, who very much in his style performed a part of the new version of “Sálvame”, Gigi Grigio shared for the first time the video of the version of this song in Portuguese, which from today is also available on platforms! digital.

Estefanía Villarreal, who plays “Celina Ferrer”, one of the most beloved characters in the 2004 version of “Rebelde”, and now the director of “EWS”, was also part of this celebration, in which through a Dynamics shared more details about each of the actors and their best anecdotes during the filming of the series.

After revealing a special video about the series, and delving deeper into the fashion and style of the new uniforms with digital editor and fashion expert Jordi Linares, the main cast surprised the fans announcing the second season of “Rebelde” and anticipating that the Mexican singer Case, will be part of it.

To close this special event with a flourish, the main actors interacted with the fans who accompanied them this afternoon and performed “Rebelde”, the main theme of this story.

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