Rebelde: Poncho Herrera advises to review well their contracts to the new cast of the series

Mexican actor Alfonso Herrera decided to be part of the controversy, recommending the actors of the new version of “Rebel” be careful.

Herrera launched the council this Sunday through his social networks.


“All the success in the world! Advice, check your contracts well“He wrote on his official Twitter account in which he shared a publication of Netflix Latin America.

This publication joins the recent statements of Dulce María, a member of the RBD group, group that was born from the telenovela production of Pedro Damián.

In the revelations, the singer affirmed that the members of the successful band “they danced them ” with the royalties and juicy profits that the concept generated.

“From there (all derivative products) we had nothing“said the actress during the last interview for Yordi Rosado’s YouTube channel.

The musical project was intended only for the duration of the soap opera; however, it was spread over five years total.

The singer recalled that one night, while they were in Chile, the six members met in a room to talk about the payments they received and discovered that each one was paid differently for the shows they offered. This added to the annoyance that already existed and together they decided to sue the directors of their company.

“It was something very strong because apart from that we earned a little bit for what it was, now I do an accounting of what was generated with the concerts and of course, it touched us very little. When we arrived in Mexico we all went to (Alejandro) Benítez’s office (the administrator) and we told him that we wanted to win all the same, but it was already the last year“said Dulce.



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