Recycler found dead baby in cardboard box

The pregnant girl, about seven months old, was abandoned in a bausero near the CAI Techo de Kennedy Central in Bogotá.

A baby, in a state of gestation about seven months, it was found dead in the last hours, abandoned inside a box, in the middle of the garbage, by the sides of the sector Kennedy Central in the capital of the country.

Major Luis Acosta, commander of the station police in the town of Kennedy in Bogotá he said in the La Cariñosa station 610 AM that the body of the little girl, was located near the CAI (Immediate Attention Center) of Techo.

It was established that he was a recycler, the person who saw the mortal remains of the baby, when he was digging in the middle of the waste.

After learning about the unfortunate situation, law enforcement officers and criminalistics units of the CTI Technical Investigation Corps of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation They were present to cordon off the area and carry out the inspection and transfer of the body to the headquarters of the institute of Legal Medicine.

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