Renowned national team athlete died after being shot

After several days fighting for his life, Junior Softball player Cardozo, died in a clinic in the city, after being seriously injured in a bullet attack that occurred on January 3, 2022.

Of the events that today mourn the Bolivarence sport, the Metropolitan Police of Cartagena reported that on Monday, January 3, at 5 in the afternoon, a 28-year-old man was injured with a firearm shot. The impact was received in the right cheekbone with an entrance and exit hole at the level of the right ear.

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The event took place on Avenida Crisanto Luque, in the middle of a public thoroughfare, being taken to a health center in the city. An initial version indicates that the victim, identified as Junior Cardozo Romero, and player of the Bolívar Softball National Team, he was surprised by two subjects who were mobilizing on board a motorcycle, the barbecue man drew a firearm and hit him.

The young athlete was part of the Bolívar Softball teams, and from ‘The Happiness Tournament’, Play for your Neighborhood.

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