Return to classes 2022: know what yes and what you should not pay when enrolling in a private school

Return to classes 2022: know what yes and what you should not pay when enrolling in a private school. (Photo: Andean Capture)

Summer is a season in which most schoolchildren enjoy their vacations, however, the other ‘side of the coin’ is that of the parents, since for many it means a headache because the school expenses are closer.

This is even more so if the student is in a private school, but have you ever wondered if all the payments you make are correct? If you don’t know, don’t worry because here we tell you which ones you should do and which ones you shouldn’t.

So far there are certain doubts about the return to face-to-face classes and even more so with the appearance of the omicron variant; However the Government of Peru, with him Minister of Education confirmed that classes will be held in March this year.

But we know that if the minor is in a private school, this does not affect the payment of tuition at all, whether the classes are face-to-face or virtual. It is for this reason that you We will show what is allowed and what is not allowed in terms of charges by a private school, according to the ‘Identicole’ portal of the Ministry of Education.


Remember that these charges are made whenever it is a private school.

Single entry fee.

Registration right.

Teaching pension.


On the ‘Identicole’ portal of the Minedu the following information is observed:

Enrollment is not conditional on the purchase of school supplies at the school. Therefore, you can enroll your child without the need to pay or commit to pay for any school supplies offered by the school.

If the student changes schools and then returns, at the time of enrollment they will not have to pay a new entrance fee. This is paid only once.

The advance payment of the pension cannot be demanded, unless it substitutes the payment of an entrance fee (tuition).

The payment of the tuition fee in private schools cannot exceed the amount of the tuition pension. This means that if the college’s monthly payment is S / 400, the cost of tuition must be less than the aforementioned figure.

NOTE: It is very important that if you detect any additional payment to those mentioned, you check if said payment has an approval from the Regional Directorate of Education or the UGEL, or that it has been agreed between the school and the parents.


It happens that on some occasions, parents are late in paying the school fees and in other cases they do not make the payment of any for personal reasons. But what will happen to my child’s teaching if that happens?

According to the portal of the Minedu, the school is in the power to have the certificates of the months in which the payment was not made. But that does not imply or allow the school to condition the evaluation of the students or the attention to the claims that they make to the payment of monthly payments, in any case. To this is added that they cannot use intimidating measures that affect or impact the development of educational activities or even the integrity of the student (s).

If you want more information about the schools, you can find it by doing CLICK HERE.


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