Ricky Martin resumes his “Movement Tour” When does he return to Guadalajara?

After the cancellation that Ricky Martin made in 2020 with his tour “Movement Tour”, which would arrive in Guadalajara on March 18 of the year mentioned because it was the beginning of the health contingency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Puerto Rican singer announces his reunion with the people of Guadalajara with his show for 2022, contemplating Guadalajara as part of the tour that will also go through Mexico City, Monterrey, Querétaro and Veracruz.

Ocesa, through its official statement, points out that fans who still have tickets for the March 18, 2020 presentation, they will be able to validate their income for the presentation of Guadalajara, as well as the other cities that are part of the 2022 “Movimiento” tour.


Ricky Martin’s tour will begin on March 8, 2022 at the Foro Sol, later it will arrive on March 10 at the Arena Monterrey, and will be the March 12 when Guadalajara receives the Puerto Rican in the Arena VFG, venue in which it would originally be presented in 2020. To end its tour, so far it is contemplated that its last shows will be at the Veracruz Baseball Stadium on March 16, while Querétaro will become the final stop on March 18 at the Juriquilla Horse Riding.

“The Puerto Rican idol will offer his followers a complete show, gathering a repertoire of his hits such as Livin ‘La Vida Loca, Shake Your Bon Bon and Vuelve. The concert will be one of the most avant-garde that the singer has mountedHigh-tech with spectacular stage design and high-tech lighting. Each song will represent new thematic inspirations on stage that will work as a complement to the interpretation of the Puerto Rican star and the choreographies of his dance corps, “said Ocesa in his announcement about the tour that Ricky Martin will undertake in Mexico in 2022.

“Ricky Martin has reaffirmed his success with the latest performances. As if this were not enough, the Puerto Rican has not stopped creating music, since this year alone he has released two singles: Beautiful song feat. Carlos Vives, which has more than 85 million views on Spotify, and is placed as number one in the list of preferences of the singer’s fans. While How rich it was feat. Paloma Mami, occupies the fourth place in the list of the same platform with more than 16 million reproductions ”.

Ocesa recalls that Ricky Martin, since the beginning of his career, has sold more than 70 million records around the world; He has won multiple Grammy Awards in different categories and has musicalized different events, an example is his participation in the 1998 World Cup with his song “The Cup of Life.”

Where will Ricky Martin go?

  • March 8, in Mexico City, at Foro Sol.
  • March 10, in Monterrey, at the Arena Monterrey.
  • March 12, in Guadalajara, at the VFG Arena.
  • March 16, in Veracruz, at the Baseball Stadium.
  • March 18, in Querétaro, at the Juriquilla Horse Riding.



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