Roberto Palazuelos will sue Lydia Cacho for this reason

Roberto Palazuelos published this Wednesday on his social networks a statement in which he affirmed that he will take legal action against the journalist Lydia cacho, by the concept of defamation and slander against his person.

The lawsuit comes after, through her Twitter account, Lydia Cacho assured that Palazuelos “is part of the network of money laundering, dispossession and disappearances in Tulum, the PRD Mexico has the evidence“, and shared a link to an investigation of his published in 2015 in the Aristegui Noticias space, entitled” Tulum, land of ambitions. “

“Everything he says will have to be proven in court”

Lydia Cacho’s tweet was given in response to journalist Témoris Greko in which she regretted the PRD’s intentions to nominate Palazuelos for political office.

“It seems like a (bad) April Fool’s joke, but … the PRD wants to nominate Mirrey Roberto Palazuelos, exhibited by Lydia Cacho as part of the violent network of dispossession of land in Tulum by prisoner Roberto Borge, to go to Quintana Roo! “.

Palazuelos answered the following: “I categorically deny what was published a few days ago by Mrs. Lydia Cacho where she refers to an investigation that she did six years ago on alleged crimes around ejido lands in Quintana Roo. In said investigation she never made reference to me. What he does now, this is very strange, because he mentions to me now that I am going in the first place towards the succession of governor of Quintana Roo, “it reads.

He added that it is “public domain” that his properties have been built for twenty years and that he is “an entrepreneur recognized by the Quintana Roo hoteliers association, so your ‘research’, now amended, is wrong“, so he will take legal action in this regard.

“I see myself in the need to take civil legal actions for defamation and slander against this person, since everything he says will have to be proven in court.”



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