Run … Until this January 13 you can register your ID for elections 2022

If you want to do it through digital channels, you can access until 12 at night on Thursday, January 13, where you must go to visit the registry page, later, You must go to the option “citizen information”, then you must enter your document number, and choose the department and city or municipality of residence. This will display the options for the voting stations in which you must choose the one that best suits you.

On the other hand, if you have had difficulties with the virtual registration and wish to visit one of their offices. The state entity also confirmed that they will have an extended schedule until 7:00 pm, in which you should take into account that it is a more extensive process, since, by presenting your respective ID, a biometric authentication will be made by means of facial or fingerprint recognition, which will be measured by technological means so that your data is corroborated and agrees with the National Identification File. Once this process is approved, you will be able to choose the place near your home.

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