Russia expects to reach nuclear deal in February

Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations organizations in Vienna, and a participant in the nuclear negotiations there, Mikhail Ulyanov, said that International Atomic Energy Agency spokeswoman Stephanie Lichtenstein told him that the agency had reinstalled surveillance cameras in the Iranian nuclear facility (Karj), amid Moscow’s assessment of the possibility of reaching a final agreement. Between Tehran and the major powers by next February. Ulyanov added in a tweet on his official account on (Twitter) yesterday that the cameras were installed at the end of last December, based on Tehran’s approval, to replace the cameras that had been removed before.

The IAEA considered that this agreement “represents an important event in its verification and monitoring activities in Iran.” Kabir Ulyanov told reporters yesterday evening that all negotiators in Vienna had recognized progress in reviving the 2015 agreement and lifting the embargo on Tehran.

He added that more efforts should be made to reach the desired result, adding that, according to Moscow’s assessment, a final agreement could be reached by next February, while China’s chief negotiator in Vienna Wang Quan similarly stated that negotiations are moving forward.

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