Salomé Rodríguez moves like a top at the tip of samba

The little girl aspires to become a professional dancer.

Salome Rodriguez, Colombian soccer player’s daughter James and the athlete and model Daniela Ospina, conquered his followers on social networks with the great advance in your dance classes.

the little one aspires to become a professional dancer, so, through his Instagram account, which is managed by his parents, shared the tremendous steps of samba.

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Salome has made his effort and dedication to dance clear, as he has shared several fragments of his training at a dance academy in Miami, where practice hard different rhythms, emphasizing the Latin bars.

The daughter of the Colombians shared in her account, a video with her academy classmates, in which they demonstrate everything they have learned, to the sound of ‘Magalenha’, theme that sounds in the background. Salome highlighted and was flattered by her millions of followers.

The publication already has more than 80,000 ‘likes’.

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the girl from only 8 years old he followed the choreography perfectly and showed his Colombian blood on stage.

“Beautiful salome since I saw you you stole my heart, “I love it, everything you propose you achieve”, “all beautiful”, some wrote in the comments.

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