Santa Claus arrived … Solidarity Income will make late payments and an extraordinary one in December

Beneficiaries will receive a payment of 640,000 pesos, according to the Department of Social Prosperity.

Since last year the Department of Social Prosperity has been delivering of the 160,000 pesos subsidy to vulnerable families through the Ingreso Solidario program, in order to solve the economic difficulties that increased with the arrival of the pandemic caused by the covid-19 virus.

For this occasion, Susana Correa, director of Social Prosperity announced that the Payments 20 and 21, corresponding to the month of November and December, will be accumulated in the last month of this 2021.

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In turn, the official announced that there will be a extraordinary payment for 320,000 pesos, cOr corresponding to advance payments for January and February, due to the high consumption demanded by the Christmas season. To this extent, in December of this year the beneficiaries of the program of the would receive a total of 640,000 pesos and in case they have late payments, they will receive the amounts owed to them.

It is worth noting that considering the ad, in 2022 families will receive the subsidy again until March.

For now, it has been announced that this financial aid program will remain in force until December 2022. However, it was reported that the sum of 160,000 will remain until June of next year and from there, the amount will change according to the classification that has been assigned to the beneficiaries.

If you want to know if you can receive the subsidy, you can enter the website

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