Saved by organ transplant, bride asks father of donor who died in crash to drive her to the altar (video)

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Diana, 28, of Buffalo, NY, had need a bowel transplant to be able to live because she was suffering from intestinal failure. His intestine could no longer perform its digestive functions.

His donor, Heather, is deceased in a car accident in 2017, a few dayss only before her own marriage to her fiance, Beau.

A year after the transplant, Diana was able to meet with her donor’s family, who were able to accept or decline the request. The letter went through Diana’s transplant center and eventually reached Heather’s father, Daniel, who accepted it.

Diana and Daniel then spoke on the phone, which made Diana burst into tears when she learned what had happened and how her donor was an amazing person.

Since speaking to Daniel, Diana has worked to raise awareness of Heather’s life and organ donation through her social media.

Daniel and Diana ended up meeting in person in Illinois, where Daniel lives and where Diana learned more about Heather. Knowing that Daniel, a single father, was never able to lead his daughter to the altar, Diana asked Daniel if he would agree to lead her to the altar on her wedding day. Daniel agreed.

On August 13, 2021, Daniel cried when he first saw Diana in her wedding dress. He then walked her halfway down the aisle before leaving her with Diana’s biological father, Glen. The latter accompanied her the rest of the way to her husband, Conlan.

As soon as I saw him cry I started to cry“said Diana.He misses Heather so much and he struggles with the pain of her absence. He said he was honored to lead me to the altar and he was so happy to have another daughter now “, said the bride.
I hope people realize the power of organ donation. Without Heather’s decision, I wouldn’t be here today.