Schuhbecks Freunde GmbH: Who are the celebrity chef’s bankruptcy savers?

“Nobody can separate good friends, good friends are never alone because they can do one thing in life, to be there for each other”, sang Franz Beckenbauer in his famous 1966 song. On Tuesday at 10:53 am, the good news was sent electronically: The insolvent celebrity chef Alfons Schuhbeck (72, Südtiroler Stuben, Teatro), who had become insolvent due to a lack of Corona aid, is saved.

But the announcement by the insolvency administrator Max Liebig (Jaffé law firm) raised one crucial question above all: Who is the group of investors who are restructuring the Munich Platzlhirsch, but who do not want to be named? Immediately the guesswork around the mysterious Samaritans began in Munich’s gastronomic and financial world.

Who are the Schuhbeck rescuers?

After all, it’s unusual for the rescuers to be so humble in reviling the public spotlight. According to AZ information, the mysterious investor group, officially called Schuhbeck’s Company GmbH, is an unofficial Schuhbecks Freunde GmbH.

Football Emperor Franz Beckenbauer was seen traveling to Schuhbeck, with whom he has been friends for decades, to Munich to promise him that Red Bull billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz will help get back on track Legs to come. Did Franz help out a little? To accept.

Insolvency proceedings are ongoing: the Schuhbeck sale


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Did Uli Hoeneß help Schuhbeck?

The rumor mill is also simmering that another Bayern legend could have shown himself to be a real friend: FC Bayern honorary president Uli Hoeneß, who demonstrably has his heart in the right place.

The takeover will take place on November 1st. Will it then be found out who the rescuers are? An expert on the AZ: “Unlikely. If you want to stay in the background, you can do so – and officially only allow front men or companies to rule.” Günter Blitz from Vilsheim is officially registered with the new Schuhbeck’s Company GmbH.