Schwarzenegger’s son Joseph Baena shows his muscles: will he be a bodybuilder like Arnie?

When you think back to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s early years, the actor’s exaggerated muscles immediately come to mind. He eventually began his career in Hollywood as a bodybuilder. His son Joseph Baena is well on his way to following in his father’s prominent footsteps.

Muscle pack like his father: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son poses topless

The 24-year-old posted a photo on Instagram in which he looks very similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger. He then poses topless on the film set in the jungle.

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The Schwarzenegger offspring is now a celebrity himself. 340,000 fans follow him on Instagram and he is currently shooting four film projects, including alongside John Malkovitch.

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Fans compare Joseph Baena with father Arnold Schwarzenegger

Joseph Baena’s followers are enthusiastic about the muscle photo. In the comments, he’s compared to his VIP dad. “Are you going to fight Predator?” Asks a fan. Arnold Schwarzenegger celebrated a big hit in 1987 with the film “Predator”. It seems that the son could soon replace his father as Hollywood’s muscle man.

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