Sebastián Carvajal, the heartthrob of ‘Nurses’ is single

The actor confirmed that he is in a relationship with himself.

Sebastian Carvajal he stole the hearts of millions of Colombians with his leading role in the production ‘Nurses’, of the RCN Channel, where he gave life to doctor Carlos Pérez. The actor managed to connect with the public, unleashing thousands of reactions with his attractiveness and talent in front of the cameras.

The artist caused a sensation long ago after officially confirming that he was in a romantic relationship with Mónica Molano, presenter of Bravísimo, with whom she lasted several years in this union. The couple was the center of praise for their content and moments recorded on digital platforms.

Despite the fact that a love crisis experienced by Colombian celebrities came to light, lThe two of you managed to overcome this stage and live a new moment as a couple. Both passed the extensive quarantines in the country together due to the covid-19 pandemic and continued.

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However, Carvajal and Molano would have had strong problems that led them to end their courtship, since the actor gave an interview that left a lot to think about.

The entertainment program ‘I know everything’ took the opportunity to talk with the RCN actor and ask him about his current sentimental situation. Sebastián did not hesitate to confirm, indirectly, that he is single and happy.

My heart is focused on me. I am going through a moment of having a relationship with me, of listening to me, of continuing to prepare myself, to continue studying, to continue working. It is something very nice to meet again, ”Carvajal told the media.

Although the subject was confirmed, the artist did not give details of how long he has been single or what were the causes that led them to end.

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