Sebastián Tamayo, former protagonist, was drugged and injured in Bogotá

How did this happen to Sebastián Tamayo?

The actor used his official social media accounts to talk a bit about this uncomfortable situation he experienced, which led him to get lost in Bogotá and suffer an accident. The model did not hesitate to give details of what he went through, showing a bit of the wounds he has and the problems that remained in his body.

“On December 31, I went to a place to celebrate these special dates and there I received a drink, but it ended up being quite a strong drug. In the clinic, after everything that happened, they told me that it is part of a plant“Tamayo said, revealing that it was mescaline that they poured into his glass.

That made me think I was being mugged and chased. That’s when a whole story and a movie began in my head, “he added.

Sebastián assured that he is completely unaware of the intentions of those responsible for giving him this drug, since he does not remember many details and no one was with him when everything got out of control. The young man has indicated that he ran out of his house, because a very dense video was formed in his head and he ended up crashing in someone’s car.

“I ran out of my house and crashed into a car. I broke the glass and cut my arm. I have 7 points and I have surgery pending because I lost part of a tendon. I had problems with the police because I called them myself thinking that they were robbing me”, He recounted in a clip.

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