Secretary of Health said that 98% of active infections by covid-19 in Bogotá are by omicron

ICUs are over 54% occupied with covid-19 patients.

98% of active coronavirus cases in the city are due to omicron, it is expected that there will be more than 140 thousand positive cases by the beginning of February, however the vaccination will generate a low rate of hospital occupancy and Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

$ 5% of children ages 2 to 25 are fully vaccinated, you are not expected to have one restrictive measure, nor quarantines, only progress will be made with the DAR strategy, so on January 24th the children and youth 100% in person.

“Dads and moms take all children and adolescents to be vaccinated with at least their first dose, in addition to all those over 18 years of age in Bogota who already turned 4 months after their second dose should apply the third, we will monitor that the card is requested in establishments, home care will be intensified, “he said. Claudia lopez Mayor of Bogotá.

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However, doctors warn that the Emergency System is increasing in the clinics and hospitals of the capital, this was announced by Diana León Manager Clínica Occidente, which according to Salud Data has an occupation of 100% of Covid-19 patients.

“In the first week of January, we had a significant increase in the consultation of respiratory symptoms with an average increase of 150% compared to the month of December, mostly mild symptoms that they have been discharged and outpatient management, hospitalizations increased by 50%, today with an occupancy of 89% of the offered capacity, 4 critical patients in FIA with mechanic ventilation“explained León.

Currently, according to Secretary of Health of Bogotá there is a 54% occupancy of FIA and around 45 thousand active cases of contagion due to the virus where 98% have omicron.

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