See how the new peak and plate in Bogotá has affected some sectors

We did a tour of several businesses that are declared affected by the peak and plate measurement.

Juan Ortiz, manages a car wash. He has nine employees, and he is considering laying off three. We spoke with him at noon, and he explained how the peak and plate measurement in Bogotá affects his business.

“For example, today only cars with even plates have entered the laundry, and so far we have washed 10 cars. If there were no pick and plate we would have already washed about 20 or 25 cars. The boys are there doing nothing, “he said.

Juan continued commenting that, with the peak and plate measurement, the number of cars that enter his business decreases and this decreases, of course, his profits; but nevertheless, what continues in a constant way are the monthly payments with which you must meet for the operation of the business.

“The services do not decrease, nor the value of the rents, it is something terrible for the commerce, because that does not reduce it at all,” he added.

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Gas station workers stated that the peak and plate measurement directly impacts the gallons of fuel they sell daily.

“The cars are entering the station little by little, ‘graneaditos’. Most of the time we sell an average of 800 gallons a day, and with the pick and plate, about 500 gallons can be sold, so gasoline sales always go down, “said a worker.

With arms crossed and business alone, we found Reinaldo. It is dedicated to the repair of radiators.

“Today we are doing nothing, since eight in the morning absolutely nothing has fallen. Obviously the work is lowered as a car is stored for 24 hours ”, he emphasized.

The places where automotive mechanics, tire shops, electricity for vehicles are providedThey are also affected by measures such as the pick and plate, so say their workers, who argue that many of their payments depend on the number of cars served.

“For many, their work is greatly reduced, because they work by percentage per day. If they work with 50 cars a day, they can take a moderate quota to their homes for their food, but today, for example, it has already decreased a lot, “said the administrator of one of these places.

The sector parking lot It is also declared affected by the established peak and plate.

“Today in the parking sector it was expected that occupancy would rise a little to 90% to 85%, and at this moment we are at 60%. Due to the peak and plate, that percentage decreased ”, said workers.

Peak and plate in Bogotá, and the sectors that are affected by the measure.

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