See the life of the man who has lived alone in a forest for more than 40 years

Ken Smith decided to cut himself off from the world and lead a lonely life in a forest in Scotland.

Living in a log cabin, with no electricity or running water, Ken Smith has been living for almost 40 years leading a conventional lifestyle, on the shores of a remote lake in the Scottish Highlands, something he describes as “A nice life. Everyone wishes they could do it, but no one does”.

And it is that for many it is not an ideal lifestyle that Ken leads, who, at the age of 74, is usually fishing and collecting food, collecting firewood and washing clothes in old open-air bathroom.

Their home is a two-hour walk from the nearest road on the edge of Rannoch Moor by Loch Treig, Scotland.

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“It’s known as the lonely lake. There’s no way to get here, but people used to live here before the dam was built.”, bill.

“All its ruins are there. The census [de habitantes] now it’s one and that’s me “he says as he looks out over the lake from the hillside.

Ken, who is originally from Derbyshire, recounts there how he started working at the age of 15, building fire stations. However, his life changed when he was 26, after being beaten up by a gang of thugs after a night out.

He suffered a brain hemorrhage and lost consciousness for 23 days.

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