See why some vehicular bridges in Bogotá are painted

1. 170th Street with North Highway

2. Calle 153 with Autopista Norte

3. Calle 153 with Carrera 30

4. Avenida Ciudad de Cali with Calle 26

5. La Esperanza Avenue with Boyacá Avenue

6. Avenida Primero de Mayo with Avenida Boyacá

7. Carrera 50 with calle 26

8. Avenida de Las Américas with Carrera 50

9. Avenue of the Americas – Puente Aranda

10. Avenida de Las Américas with Carrera 50

11. Colón Avenue with 13th Street

It should be noted that the transformation of the bridges will take place before the end of 2021.

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