Seven people who sent drugs with ‘mules’ to the United States fell.

Seven members of a transnational drug trafficking organization were arrested by Interpol Colombia personnel, with the support of the FBI and the Attorney General’s Office in Bogotá.

The director of the General Dijín Fernando Murillo, revealed that This organization trafficked narcotics through the modality of human couriers.

“This investigation began in August 2018 in an attempt to obtain material evidence against this drug trafficking organization, establishing that the detainees carried out the coordination to allow the passage of human couriers and suitcases fitted with a double bottom where the narcotic was camouflaged, “said the officer.

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The so-called human couriers were later sent with drugs on commercial flights with destination to Paris, Mexico City, Punta Cana and Toronto in Canada.

Among those arrested are his two leaders, alias “Fercho” and alias “El Capi”, who, in addition to leading the shipment of the narcotic, were in charge of financing the entire illicit operation.

These two men, along with five other people, had as a platform for the shipment of the narcotic El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá, using the human mail modality with suitcases contaminated with cocaine that was acquired from local drug trafficking networks, “said General Murillo.

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The people used to ship this drug, had ddifferent social conditions and foreigners who were coordinated from the flight itinerariesIt even fictitious reservations in hotels in the destination cities, in order not to be detected by the authorities.

To said drug trafficking organization, he had been following up for more than a year, until all its members are located in the capital of the country.

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