Several ships that had been stolen in the last month in Bogotá were recovered

The Mayor commission from Bogotá Luis Ernesto Gomez assured that in the last month in Bogotá, there was a significant reduction in the car theft in the capital.

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According to the official, permanent operations are being carried out to prevent the commercialization of auto parts of stolen vehicles, on August 7, San Andresito, Álamos, La Estanzuela, Kennedy and Puente Aranda.

“15 vehicles, 15 motorcycles, 15 engines and several auto parts were recovered in recent days and three people were captured. So far this year, 393 vehicles and 433 motorcyclists have been recovered,” said the president.

Luis Ernesto Gomez assured that six out of 10 vehicles are stolen in a parking bay by different mechanisms such as pulling, using master keys and called on citizens to leave their cars in safe areas and enabled parking spaces.

“We have found in the Estanzuela sector that vehicles are scrapped or parts arrive for the illegal commercialization of auto parts, engines, spare parts and accessories. That is why we will have zero tolerance with merchants who sell stolen vehicle parts,” he said.

The official stated that the commercial premises to be found distributing stolen auto parts, not only will they be sealed, but they will also be immersed in judicialization processes for reception and trademark falsification and could even enter the domain forfeiture.

The operations will be held in different locations of the city, in order to verify that the merchants comply with the respective documentation, that the number of the auto parts are not modified.

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“Let it be clear for those people who seek to sell stolen parts, we are going to go for you, we are going to seize that merchandise and it could be in a process of judicialization,” concluded the district president.

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