Severe confusion … They thought it was a Christmas tree and it turned out to be a marijuana plant

The unusual event occurred in a busy park in Bogotá.

Since November it feels like December is coming and in Bogotá the Christmas spirit is already beginning to feel. That is what inhabitants of the sector of Fontanar, in the town of Suba, when seeing that in his sector two young people supposedly transported two ‘Christmas trees’ on the occasion of the approaching Christmas holidays.

However, the bushes were suspicious for some and when in doubt, they alerted the authorities dthe CAI of Fontanar to verify if it was actually a decorative tree.

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The suspicions of the citizens turned out to show that in reality the supposed trees were actually two marijuana plantsto which they were transported by the young people, who according to the authorities, undertook the flight due to the complaints of the citizens of the sector.

Given what happened, CAI uniforms from the sector seized the plants and they were immediately classified as narcotics, in addition to making known that those who would be the owners of the supposed “tree” are sought by the uniformed men to clarify what happened.

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