Shameless taxi driver who fled after hitting a dog in Bosa was brought before a judge

A video from a security camera is the key evidence to show that the driver passed over the dog and continued on his way.

The Attorney General charged him with the crimes of aggravated animal abuse and fraud of a judicial resolution against the taxi driver who ran over a dog on November 22 in the town of Bosa, in the southwest of Bogotá.

In the video of one of the security cameras the sector shows that the taxi driver runs over the French poodle breed dog and continued on his way as if nothing had happened. The investigating body claimed that I would not have paid any attention to him.

In context: Police ask the shameless taxi driver who ran over the ‘guaguau’ to surrender

The owners of the dog indicated that the animal died from the impact of the blow since it suffered a rib fracture, a ruptured bladder and internal injuries.

Despite the fact that they called the taxi company to which the vehicle was registered to make the complaint They did not give them a solution or an answer.

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