She names her baby Lucifer and is set on fire on social media (photos)

An Englishwoman attracted the wrath of social networks after giving his offspring a surprising first name, relates Indy 100. Josie King chose to name her son Lucifer. The Devon resident says she has received constant hate, and even death threats, from people online since announcing the controversial name on the popular British show ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’.

I’m lucky to have thick skin, because a lot of these death threats are so horrible and scary“, said the mother of the 7-month-old baby to SWNS about his life since appearing on the talk show. Josie admits that she expected reactions, but not to this extent.

When I chose his name, I knew people wouldn’t like him, but that’s not for them to decide.“, she said.I think it’s really bad when a 7 month old baby is criticized and bullied because of a name. This is when we have to remember that society is the problem, not our personal choices.

Yet Lucifer would actually be one of the new trending names since the success of the Lucifer series. Since its broadcast, the “demon names” have been very successful, explained Pamela Redmond, co-creator of Nameberry, a database of baby names and a guide for expectant parents during an interview with The Post.

Josie also explains that her choice is far from satanic.The devil is not the meaning of my son’s name. When it comes to religion and real life they are very different things – one is lived and the other is in a book“, she says.

I had a few family members tell me I couldn’t call it that, but I replied that I wasn’t religious and the name didn’t represent what people thought it was. he represented. But that doesn’t mean you have to change it. People will always have an opinion, and you can’t listen to them because it’s not their child. It’s not their life“, said the mother of the family.

I like the names I like, they may not suit other people. But I have at least 15 people sending me lovely messages who also have children named Lucifer. I really didn’t think Lucifer’s name was that extravagant – but apparently it really is”.

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