Simon Cowell is waiting to get on his feet after the Surgery: He is Celebrating Birthday While Recovering!

Simon Cowell is waiting to get on his feet after the Surgery:  He is Celebrating Birthday While Recovering!

Simon Cowell dreams of a ‘splashy return’ after a back physical issue and medical procedure constrained him off ‘AGT.’ An insider reports on Simon’s recuperation and his 61st birthday festivities! 

The best present for Simon Cowell, who is praising his 61st birthday today on Oct. 7, would be getting back to the spotlight. The TV program judge needed to hold off for a while on all the live shows all through Season 15 of America’s Got Talent after crushing his spirit and going through the medical procedure in August. Simon even passed up the amazing finale that broadcasted on Sept. 23! As Simon commends the current year’s birthday in recuperation.

Simon Cowell, pre-injury, on honorary pathway to commence Season 15 of America’s Got Talent in March of 2020. 

“[Simon] is doing just as one could be after a back medical procedure, and he realizes that he truly avoided a slug and could without much of a stretch be incapacitated or more regrettable dead,” a source near the AGT judge EXCLUSIVELY tells to a media company. “Thus, he is checking his fortunate stars and is extremely upbeat that he can appreciate this birthday at home in Malibu and it is as quiet as it tends to be.” Simon’s child, Eric, has likewise been colossal assistance all through his father’s recuperation — not simply on his birthday! 

“[Simon] truly is appreciating this time with Eric, and he is cherishing that Eric is major assistance around the house and getting things for his father all through his recuperation. Regardless of whether it is something like a beverage or food or a book, Eric is truly venturing up and assisting,” our source proceeds. Even though Simon’s thankful for the two his child’s assistance and the accomplishment of the medical procedure, he was without a doubt baffled about his absence of screen time on Season 15 of AGT. 

“Today is unmistakably a gift, however, Simon is still Simon and is champing at the touch to return to chip away at AGT’s future and different thoughts he has that he is attempting to sell,” our insider lets us know. “If isolates and COVID weren’t going on, it would likely be more terrible and his dread of passing up a great opportunity would truly be crazy. So to exploit the entirety of that, when Simon is 100%, we will all know as he is hoping to make a splashy return and will probably have a major meeting to encompass his to some degree what some would call a rebound.” 

It has not yet been declared if Simon’s returning for Season 16 of AGT, and he was at that point feeling down for missing a larger part of Season 15. “Simon was frustrated that he needed to miss AGT and the finale. He cherishes being an aspect of the show and he can hardly wait to be back next season,” our source additionally lets us know, who concedes that the adjudicator is “still in [a] digit of harsh shape,” which “one could just envision since he crushed his spirit.” As for what the remainder of Simon’s recuperation cycle will resemble, our source uncovers, “There is a great deal of work still to be accomplished for Simon to return to 100%, however, he is anticipating financially recovering, in a real sense. Yet, for the time being, recovery and unwinding are what is required.” Simon is “getting somewhat anxious” presently, our source concedes, however his child is assisting him with “sitting back.” Our source closes, “[Simon] adores that he can spend time with children significantly more. That is unquestionably a silver covering to everything.”