Soacha firefighters hired themselves to improve care for residents

The modernization of the fire engines will allow a more opportune attention for the inhabitants of Soacha.

In the Soacha Fire Station the remodeling of machines and vehicles, this will favor citizens so that they can receive better attention to traffic accidents, fires or incidents in homes.

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“There is a Rosenbauer fire prevention and extinguishing trolley up to 1,000 gallon capacity and a tank car of water supply, in addition to a Dmax truck, which are at the service of preserving the health and well-being of the soachunos ”, said the General Commander of said headquarters.

Danny Caicedo, Secretary of the Government of Soacha, mentioned that: “We are taking care of the integrity and health of the soachunosThat is why this investment in the vehicle fleet will serve to meet the needs of citizens. ”

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They keep up to date on the climate change and the strong winter wave through which it is happening, in order to provide the best to the city.

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