Speeding motorcyclist died when colliding with a mule

Speeding motorcyclist died when colliding with a mule
Lun, 10/01/2022 – 11:18


It is about Ernesto Javier Robayo, 50 years old, died after impact heavily against a truck tractor, when he was traveling on the road that of the Tolima Capital on the road km1 + 820 in jurisdiction with the sector that communicates the Municipality of Buenos Aires Tolima.

The man was driving a Yamaha brand motorcycle with white FRR98F plates, which apparently caused the accident because in an oversight he invaded the lane of the opposite side, colliding with a truck tractor The one who is known was driven by Mr. Lucino Osvaldo Chitiba, who apparently was heading for Bogotá.

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The true causes of the strong impact have not yet been determined, but it is taken into consideration that Robayo may have presented a micro dream, an act that was not expected by the driver who at one point without realizing the carelessness on the part of both drivers left a fatal outcome for the life of Mr. Javier.

There are several versions of the case, however, one of them takes more strength and points out that Robayo may have presented a micro dream while driving his motorcycle, a situation that, apparently, caused the fatal outcome.

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Thanks to preliminary information, the affectionate 1,420 am learned that the transit and transportation authorities were present at the scene of the events, who as hypothesis assure that “apparently the man who was driving the motorcycle had invaded the lane of the truck, generating the fatal accident “.

On the other hand, a message has been sent to drivers to respect traffic signs and drive with caution to avoid this type of accident, as for example this media has informed citizens with advice to travel and avoid generating fatal outcomes.

Always remember to respect the maximum speed, as well as, check your vehicle before leaving, such as taking into account the air in the tires, the state of the engine oil, calibrating the brakes, among others; Likewise, always take into account the traffic signs to avoid generating any type of road accident.


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