Stacks … Calle 13 collapsed due to protests by citizens over the dismantling of the provisional SITP

On the Bogotá River bridge, blockages persist due to the elimination of routes from the provisional SITP.

Since the morning of this Wednesday, mobility on 13th Street in Bogotá has been collapsed by constant blockades of the citizens of the town of Fontibón.

According to the mobility reports, the demonstrations began around 9:00 am on November 24 in neighborhoods such as Centenario, where numerous groups of people were protesting against the lack of transportation routes due to the dismantling of the provisional SITP, process scheduled to be carried out before the end of this 2021.

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After hours, traffic reports have reported that the blockades persist and are located on the Bogotá River bridge, where the inhabitants of the Planadas neighborhood continue to block the road, preventing the passage of any vehicle that passes through there.

However, with the support of the Police, vehicles are given a lane in the sector of the Bogotá River Bridge. However, the entity announced that “intermittent blockades continue every 5 minutes by the community in both directions of the road. They give way to vehicles and block again every 5 minutes.”

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