Step by step of virtual ballot registration for elections 2022 … No excuses to vote

Virtual ID registration: This is how you can do the process

On the subject, this Wednesday the National Registry of Civil Status enabled a new technological tool that will allow the virtual registration of citizenship cards through validation biometrics.

The idea is also that this same virtual process – something in which the world advanced in the pandemic – be extended to the process of registering candidates for Congress and the Presidency.

Currently, from the app ‘InfoVoters Congress‘, Colombians residing in the country or abroad have at their disposal seven services that will be enabled according to the development of the electoral calendar.

Among the services to be highlighted is the registration of IDs following a few simple steps in order to have a new voting site.

In addition, citizens who have changed their place of residence and do not wish to download the application, may register their identity document in the following link only through mobile devices (cell phone or tablet), or approach the headquarters of the entity closest to your residence to carry out the procedure.

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